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What reoccurring challenges do you have in your business that are constantly there no matter what you do?

What issue just keeps re-appearing time & time again?

Are you a doubting yourself constantly, or have fears about your abilities on a big project or task & its interfering with you taking the purposeful action that you know you need to take to be more visible, get more clients or win new business contracts.

Have you even begun to realise that you are avoiding certain situations that put you in the spotlight as whilst you are good at what you do, you don’t want to stand out or be noticed as it doesn’t feel great.

You probably have lots of strategies, frameworks, methodologies & even tons of free PDF’s of secret tips (ones that you never actually implement) & yet you lose your motivation to complete things, or you go off track & keep stalling on taking powerful focused action!

Do you long for consistent courage, confidence & the belief in yourself & your abilities to execute the things you KNOW you need to do?

Maybe you are aware of what is holding you back & yet you can’t break the cycle & you keep bumping up against the same issues & not progressing forward & you have just had enough!

Do you want to avoid the paralysing mental traps that cause you fear, hesitation & indecision?

If you do, then identifying the cause of these issues is the first step.

If you find yourself repeatedly suffering from these:






You have unhelpful subconscious patterns & they are preventing you from moving forward.

Maybe you beat yourself up & give yourself a hard time when things don’t go to plan.

If you notice that you have these feelings or thoughts on a regular basis, such as






These are all indicators that you have unhelpful subconscious patterns running the show & unwittingly they are causing you to behave in a certain way & causing you to feel emotions that take you off-course & most likely you are struggling to get consistent results.


Your current problems like “lack of self-belief ” “procrastination”  “feelings of failure” or “unworthiness” for example, are actually symptoms of a deeper underlying ROOT problem. 

Eliminate the ROOT problem by targeting the CAUSE of these negative emotions, limiting beliefs, behaviours, unwanted habits & fears & we eliminate the problem permanently with The EmpowerKIXX Shift the first element.


The EmpowerKIXX Shift       

Initial Pre-Session Clarity Call

EmpowerKIXX Session 2 Hours

Aligned Actions Blueprint

Inc. Post Session Follow Up Call

 Investment £555




Are you a perfectionist & fearful of making mistakes & being judged on your performance & despite having moments of clarity & confidence you keep sabotaging your success by procrastinating repeatedly?

Are you really indecisive – like a part of you thinks one thing & a part of you thinks something else, so you have an internal battle going on? This results in you taking two steps forward & then not following through & you end up back where you started.

Are you stuck at a specific income level- feeling undervalued & yet scared to raise your fees? Thinking that you are not able to charge more telling yourself  “I can’t increase my prices, nobody will pay that!”

Do you sometimes find yourself not feeling good enough or capable enough & talk yourself out of taking action.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I’m not worthy” or ” I’m not talented enough to do X” or “I can’t trust myself” or “I need to be perfect”?

Do you sometimes completely over-react to an innocent remark from a colleague or business partner & find yourself bubbling over with fury inside & have to really struggle to keep your composure?


These internal narratives & unpleasant feelings will consistently hold you back & prevent you from achieving the success you really desire.

When the internal barriers are removed in The EmpowerKIXX Shift, you are able to get the RESULTS you desire & finally get out of your own way. STOP the struggle, frustration, wasted time & money & start achieving your desired results faster & easier than before.



Your subconscious mind contains internal blueprints, which is rather like how a computer runs software & they are driving your behaviour at the subconscious level.

Whether you realise it or not, every decision, thought or action you take is formed from long-term habitual programming & whilst you are consciously aware in the moment of deciding to take action or not to take action……there is more going on deep inside your subconscious mind.

This is where your CORE ROOT problem is…..its deep inside your subconscious mind & thats why you can’t shift it on your own!

If I asked you………“Do you know WHY you are not achieving the results you really want?

To answer that question, you have to think about the answer & to do that you begin to access your data banks of positive & negative memories, deep inside your mind.

You will recall previous decisions you made, you will analyse evidence of previous successes & failures, access how you felt in related scenarios, you sort through all your beliefs & values on success & failure & then process all that information in a split second & come to a conclusion.

Wow…..you might think………there is a lot is going on here!       Exactly!

Your brain is a super-fast processing machine & will have been making pictures as you recall things, talking to yourself whilst doing so, perhaps having a feeling of certainty in your body & maybe a subtle shift in your physiology & it all happens in an instant & you won’t notice it happening.

This complex combination of factors is determining the decision you came up with.

Now, in a real situation, when you decide to take some particular action to get a particular result, the same thing occurs…….all these processes happen.

The problems occur in life & business when you find yourself repeatedly avoiding actions, which consciously you know will get you the results & yet you just can’t get yourself to do them.

Or you do them reluctantly & feel so bad in the process, you do a half-hearted job, don’t get the result you wanted & end up feeling more annoyed or disappointed in yourself.

Here’s why.

You will always be happily motivated towards taking action if there is no negative attachment in that unconscious process.

If there is unresolved negative emotions from the past these will act like success blocks, as they will stop you in your tracks & you will always avoid taking the necessary action or feel bad whilst doing so.

You won’t consciously know in that moment, why you are procrastinating or talking yourself out of doing the thing you know you need to do.

Without, realising it, you will be unconsciously sabotaging yourself, your productivity, your success & your results, because you are still operating from your past-conditioning & historical patterns.

As mentioned earlier, behind every decision, action or behaviour is a whole heap of history & life experience.    

This comes in the form of feelings, positive & negative emotions, beliefs about capabilities, any fears you have, certain memories of previous situations of success & failure, your core values & even your self-identity- how you perceive yourself.   

Let me explain that a bit more.

Significant emotional events occur in our childhood which is when we form imprints about the World around us especially between 3 – 14 years of age, usually from our parents or guardians & at school. We try to make sense of these emotional situations with our intellect at that age & so we attach certain meanings to these events. This is how we learn & our brain stores this behaviour & it prioritises perceived survival at all costs.

Everyday, its job is to keep you ‘safe” & it does that by repeating what worked yesterday & the day before that, all the things that ensured your survival & this forms a blueprint deep with your subconscious mind that drives your actions in the present.

For example- its why as an adult, we don’t touch a hot stove as we learnt as a child that it burns & it causes pain. This is how we learn.

Everything we do, eventually becomes a pattern of behaviour that become entrenched so that we don’t even notice it. Most of these patterns are helpful & lead us to live fulfilling, safe, happy life’s, relationships & careers.

Some-times, these blueprints or patterns of behaviour are no longer helpful as you grow up, start a career or build a business & they can hold you back from being truly successful in many different areas of your life, without you even realising it…….you just know that you now feel STUCK & FRUSTRATED!



If you were bullied at school- you may in that moment decide that “I must be a horrid person”  or ” All people are mean”  or “Im not lovable”. This becomes your habitual way of thinking & feeling over time & patterns of behaviour are formed.

As an adult, you may start to avoid situations without realising why you are doing them, such as “not speaking your mind & standing up for yourself” or “pushing people away” or “picking unsuitable relationship partners, so proving to yourself you are “not lovable”.

This becomes your blueprint, your character, your identity & it’s how you now think & yet its causing you unhappiness & most likely costing you your long term goals & the success you really want.



My speciality is working with the subconscious mind & I identify subconscious patterns, bad habits & mental obstacles that are holding people back & eliminate them.

Using my unique A.C.U.I.T.Y. method, I uncover your specific deep subconscious process, your internal strategy & rewire the neural networks inside your mind. Which essentially means I detach the negative emotional connection, which leads to permanent & rapid change because after that session you immediately react, feel & behave differently.

Which means you no longer avoid certain situations & you begin feeling motivated to take the actions, which leads onwards to your desired results.

By accessing the subconscious mind directly we make rapid, permanent results in ONE POWERFUL SESSION which releases the need to have long drawn out therapy sessions over many months. 

We then create a customised strategic blueprint to take advantage of the new energy & momentum that comes with releasing the neurology blocks.



The EmpowerKIXX Shift is completely bespoke to your specific problems & following our discovery/consultation call at which I gain a greater understanding of your problem situation, I will then go ahead & design the unique combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching or QuantumMindTM techniques ready for your following session a week later.

In the actual session, I access your subconscious mind to identify, recode & eliminate the root cause of any unhelpful blueprints, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, or disempowering patterns & behaviours, that are unconsciously sabotaging or holding you back.

We get to the ROOT CAUSE of your problem in this powerful session, which can sometimes be a childhood belief or significant emotional event from the past, which is embedded in your mind that has created a lasting impact on you even until today, which you will be totally unaware of as its completely unconscious.  

I’m an expert at identifying these patterns in my clients & able to understand at a deep level the subconscious conditioning that will be driving your unwanted behaviour. Then using certain processes rewire the neural pathways in your mind to get powerful & permanent positive change for you.

It is a completely safe & comfortable process & at times you will go into a light trance like state as we go through the processes, with no need to recall any painful memories or “face your fears” . We wrap up the session with a customised aligned action blueprint to embed the changes & schedule a follow up call 14 days after the session.

Sessions take place at my consulting room in Surrey, UK. (pictured above) or Zoom.


The DiamondKIXX 28 Day Package     

Week 1- Clarity & Outcomes Coaching Call- Goal Achievement Strategy Session- 90 Minutes

Week 2- The EmpowerKIXX Session 2 Hour Session

Week 3- Self-Concept & Mental Resilience Coaching Call

Week 4- Strategic Blueprint Coaching Call

 Investment £1111

A month long immersive experience to identify & eliminate your specific subconscious blocks & then create a customised 4-Week strategic blueprint, so you can believe in yourself, take more action & achieve dramatic results without working harder.

Get clarity, vision & strategy mapped out, release your blocks, shift your focus with new habits, momentum & self-mastery tools for accelerated success in your business.



  • Higher levels of self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Increased overall happiness & positivity
  • Increased motivation, purpose & passion
  • Elimination of perfectionism
  • Eradicate self-sabotage
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Eliminate the fear of failure, judgement or rejection
  • Elimination of many disempowering beliefs
  • Higher self-worth & self-belief
  • Stop uncertainty, confusion & overwhelm
  • Overcome fears of selling or networking
  • Enhanced personal presence, charisma & influence
  • Better communication within personal relationships
  • Crystal clarity of vision, powerful goals & strategy – The DiamondKIXX 28 Day Package
  • More focused, decisive & productive in business- The DiamondKIXX 28 Day Package 
  • Healing past emotional traumas & inner childhood wounds – The DiamondTIME Package
  • Releasing negative emotions, anger, sadness, shame, judgement, guilt, fear & many others – The DiamondTIME Package     


Together we will discover the hidden mental blockages that are holding you back & the internal mindset strategies & thinking patterns that are leading to your problem behaviours & rapidly breakthrough those limitations!



“I have achieved so much towards reaching my goals. Sarah-Louise has helped me re-energise my brand & business, streamlined my products & services for future customers & guided me to new business opportunities. 

Sarah-Louise’s knowledge & mindset coaching over the weeks has proved essential for me to focus & become productive in business & personal life, enabling me to feel ready to make positive changes, believing in myself. 

I highly recommend Sarah-Louise’s knowledge, techniques & understanding to guide me on the right path again. Thank-you for your patience & positive guidance to my exciting future!”

Mandy. M

Artist & Business Owner- Mandy McKenna Designs


“When I first met with Sarah-Louise, I was a little nervous, but she made me feel very welcome & relaxed & totally at ease. She was very understanding & made me not feel that I should be embarrassed about having these feelings. Specifically I went to see Sarah-Louise for my anxiety around teaching although I did get anxiety attacks in other situations. We did some mental exercises, which at times I did struggle with but Sarah-Louise kept on being encouraging & understanding & I felt so much better, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
The final result from that session when I was due to be teaching the next day. I entered the room with a far more positive attitude, I felt more in control………once I started I believed in myself more than ever.
Since seeing Sarah-Louise, my close friends have noticed a change in me for the better that I seem more confident, happy & positive. I now am so confident within my teaching that I really enjoy doing it.” 
Alison. E
Yoga Teacher