Ideal for driven individuals who are ready for deeper healing & transformation to BE more, DO more & HAVE more!



  DiamondTIME Package

Clarity & Outcomes Session

Time-Line TherapyTM Session Part 1

Time-Line TherapyTM Session Part 2

Strategic Blueprint & Future Vision Session

Goal Alignment Coaching Session

Investment  £1800



Strategic intervention to take out all the blocks & negative thought patterns at an unconscious level that are keeping you stuck & small. Remove deep-level negative emotions from the past & realign your life values alongside a customised 6-Week strategic blueprint to embed new self-identity.

Using Time-Line TherapyTM to eliminate subconscious blocks that are interferring with present success in life, relationships, career, health & happiness. Releasing Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Judgement, Shame etc. from the past.

Helping you go from GUILT to PEACE, from HURT to HEALED, TRAPPED to LIMITLESS, SELF-DOUBT to CONFIDENCE & shift from FEAR to COURAGE. 




Do you have a desire for MASSIVE CHANGE & you are feeling the pull of something greater?

Do you want to discover your unique genius, your life purpose & deep dive into your unique strengths & talents & release the emotional baggage from the past that weighs you down?

Then my VisionKIXX TM Immersion will help you DREAM & DEFINE,  EXPLORE & EMPOWER & ultimately help you create the IMPACT & INCOME you desire.

Do you want to re-discover your PASSION & PURPOSE, BE BOLD, BRAVE, COURAGEOUS & elevate your confidence & self-belief, whilst being authentically you?

This program is all about YOU……helping you step into your infinite potential & boldly pursue those dreams & goals you had forgotten about, the ones that you had doubted would ever materialise.

YOU getting in complete alignment with your PURPOSE, destroying your limiting self-concepts & radically upgrading yourself to receive everything you’ve ever desired & make way more money………………BEING YOUR TRUE SELF!

VisionKIXXTM Immersion

1-1 VIP Experience

6 Months

This program is for individuals who are ready to experience real mind-blowing breakthroughs & amazing positive transformations in every area of their life. This program incorporates intensive subconscious mind work, strategic intervention, success & achievement philosophies, results driven strategies & cutting edge techniques to identify & remove subconscious blockages for profound & lasting change.

You’ll receive my extensive knowledge of success strategies, powerful transformational tools & techniques & experience the unique Evolve Breakthrough VIP Days to release negative emotions from the past, like anger, sadness, guilt, fear, hurt, shame, judgement, unworthiness & more. 

In this program, we work at the deep-level, healing inner-child, parental wounds & generational patterns. We will take out all the blocks & negative thought programs at an unconscious level, the ones that are keeping you stuck, small & unfulfilled. You also get to tap into my 30 years of business & personal development expertise to support you with your life-changing transformation.


  VisionKIXXTM Immersion 

Subconscious Patterns Assessment

1 x 120 Minute Crystal Clear Clarity & Goal Setting Session (Zoom/FF)

Fortnightly 60-Minute Transformational Coaching Sessions ( Zoom/FF)

2 Evolve Breakthrough VIP Days At Luxury Hotel

Time-Line TherapyTM Sessions

QuantumMindTM Techniques

VisionKIXX Quest Alignment ProcessTM

The MindKIXX Power MethodTM

Aligned Action Steps & Accountability

24/7 Access To My Full Support

Investment £15,000

(Payment Options Available)

Includes welcome package, beautiful journal, worksheets, modules, bespoke 1-1 high-level coaching sessions, resources, high-level insights, follow-up notes & full support in-between sessions. 


ANYTHING that has been holding you back, we will release you from, so you can live at your full potential.

You will leave this program a totally transformed & enlightened individual ready to tackle the World with a new found confidence, self-belief & quantum shift your life from the inside out……..ARE YOU READY?

Please get in touch to discuss if this is the right program for you.




“I have felt more confident about myself & about what I can achieve. I have a more positive outlook about my life & business short & long-term. I feel more confident as a person both personally & professionally & therefore I value what I do much more.

Sarah-Louise has taught me the tools to help cope with anxiety, procrastination & change my mindset so that I have the tools to cope when I doubt myself or have a little wobble.

I have taken myself out of my comfort zone with my business as I have launched new products, increased my prices & overall I value my self-worth much more.
I’m putting myself out there & networking more that I used to, as this was something that I found really hard to do.

I would highly recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone that wants to change their mindset or improve their personal or business life. I’ve worked very closely with Sarah-Louise over the past year & it has had a huge impact on my life”

Alex. G

Business Owner


“I feel like a totally different person, having let go of so many negative emotions & beliefs about myself, that had weighed me down all my life. I now experience joy, laughter, fun & have a whole new feeling of confidence in myself…….I felt totally safe in your care. You were totally focused on achieving a positive outcome for me & I felt able to trust in you very quickly”